The School Council and staff of Hastings Primary School values having a wide range of communication opportunities with families and community.

Effective communication between staff and families at Hastings Primary School is supported throughout the year by our school website, newsletters, information sessions, meetings, social gatherings, community events, student lead conferences (parent/teacher/student interviews), individual progress reports, administrative reports, school assemblies and parent support programs.

The school administration office is easily accessible and has reception services available throughout each day between 8:30am and 4:15pm.

The weekly school newsletter is published every Wednesday and is available as hard copy and on the website.

Whole school assemblies are held every Friday afternoon at 2:30pm, except on the last day of each term when they are held at 9am on Friday mornings.

A number of publications are available if you want to learn more about the school and our programs, including the School Information Booklet (link below) and Student Well Being and Code of Conduct document (see Student Well Being page).

The school website has more information available including a calendar with regular updates and the weekly newsletter attached.