AUSVels curriculum

AusVELS Curriculum

In Victorian schools, 2013 is the first year of the introduction of the Australian National Curriculum. In Victoria this will be done through the implementation of AusVELS.
In recent years Education departments at the Federal and State levels have been working toward developing a national curriculum which is expected to resolve the differences in curriculum and standards between the States.

The Australian National Curriculum currently has outcomes for Literacy, Numeracy, Science and History. The Victorian  AusVELS curriculum merges these 4 National curriculum areas with the previous VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) learning outcomes not yet ‘nationalised’.
The AusVELS curriculum
* Is developmental in nature (not necessarily grade or age related , but linked to stages in learning)
* Is structured in seven levels for Primary, being Foundation (Prep), then Levels 1 – 6.
* Sets out learning outcomes expected at each level of a child’s development
* Provides assessment in all areas, where we find out what students know and then move them on to the ‘next step’
* Allows for more individualized approaches as well as small group and whole class activities, to meet each student’s individual point of need