Class organisation

Our school structure changes from year to year depending on student population and learning needs. Class structure may be ‘multi-aged’ or ‘straight’ depending on the numbers of students at each level and the teaching team available to deliver a comprehensive curriculum.
In 2013 the learning teams are
* Foundation (Preps) share a large learning space with their 3 teachers. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework 0 – 8 years (VEYLDF) forms the basis of early childhood framework focused on supporting children and families in the transitions in the early years of schooling. We call this team ’The Minnows’.
*  Junior School (Level 1 and 2) students work together across their three classes. The Junior School teachers plan and deliver the curriculum program as a team.We call this teem ‘The Sea Eagles’.
* Middle School (Year 2 and 3) work together across the 2 classes, with their teachers planning for differentiated and personalized delivery of the curriculum. We call this ‘The Kingfishers’.
* Senior School (Years 4, 5 and 6) is located in the relatively new, open plan BER building. All students and their 4 teachers have formed a ‘learning community’ in this spacious and flexible set of classrooms and breakout spaces. We call this tea, and their learning space ‘Angling’.
The classroom curriculum is enriched by excursions, incursions, camps and special celebration days.
Specialist programs are
* Visual Arts
* Physical Education and Sport
* Good Living (incorporating Health/Well Being and LOTE – Spanish)