Student Leadership

At Hastings Primary School we take take many opportunities to provide our students with leadership experiences to develop their skills in being good role models for others in the school community.

Our student leadership structure includes Year 6 School Leaders, Junior School Council and school community leadersip roles through the Kidspower program.

The Year 6 Student Leaders meet regularly with their co-ordinator, Mrs. Simone McDonald, to develop their own leadership skills by identifying personal goals and leadership role descriptions.

Congratulations to our Year 6 Student Leaders – school and house leaders -  elected at the end of 2012, pictured below.

Back row from left: Kellee, Mrs. Sue Lyons and Mrs. Simone McDonald

Middle row from left: Ricky, Lainey, Courtney, Harris, Melissa and Kirra

Front row from left: Taylor (School Leader), Kayla Jones and Connor Exon (School Leader)

House Captains: Kellee, Ricky, Lainey, Courtney, Harris, Melissa, Kirra and Kayla

Our Junior School Council works with all classes on issues important to our students, including school improvement, student well being and social service fundraising activities.

Representatives from all classes are peer selected at the beginning of each year. They meet regularly with their co-ordinator, Mrs. Tracey Lee Kay, to report back from their class meetings.

Minutes are taken and distributed to all classes. The JSC also organises activities and communicates with the whole school community about their projects and goals.

The 2013 reprentatives are pictured below.

Back row from left: Shandelle, Chloe, Mrs. Sue Lyons, Mrs. Treacey Lee Kay, Alexis and Alison

Middle row from left: Krystal, Ryan, Destiny and Samantha

Front row from left: Daniel, Chloe, Lachlan and Bailey